Dr. A. Krishnamachari

Research Group
School of Computational & Integrative Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Dr. A. Krishnamachari
Assistant Professor


Computational Genomics 

Dr. AK Chari’s
special research interest is in unraveling information from genomic and its regulatory sequences using computational approaches. This includes motif discovery, pattern finding, prediction of promoter and transcription factor binding sequences across the three domains of life. His current  focus is on predicting target  genes for stress responses with special emphasis on  cancer causing genes, identification of Replication origins in Eukaryotes, statistical and probablistic based analysis of DNA sequences and related data. He was also recipient of Fulbright fellowship in the year 2002.

Areas of Interest/Specialization: 
  • Computational Biology
  • Computational Genomics
  • Computational Methods using machine learning, information theory, probablistic framework. 

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