The goal of our lab is to decipher the molecular details of protein folding, dynamics and interactions with other biomolecules such as protein/peptide/nucleic acids that have long term implications for combating medical conditions such as Creuzfeld-Jacob (Mad Cow disease), Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

Our group has been involved in developing novel multiscale computer simulation techniques to investigate the mainly the physical and molecular factors that modulate the accessibility of genes within compact genome assemblies. We have shown how the crowded nuclear environment influences the target search dynamics of DNA binding proteins, and elucidated the various transport modes of proteins on stretches of DNA, with excellent match with the experimental findings. 


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DBT Research Associateship (RA) program

Any interested candidate who wants to work on genome organization and explore its structure-function relationship is encouraged to apply via the DBT Research Associateship (RA) program.

For more details, please visit: [DBT RA Program]( 

Research Group Leader

Arnab Bhattacherjee
Associate Professor

School of Computational and Integrative Sciences,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, India