Current Ph.D. Students


M.Sc, Bioinformatics, Centre for Bioinformatics, M. D. University, Rohtak, Haryana

Binding Affinity Predictions using physics-based and Machine Learning Approaches.

Abdul Basit

M.Sc, Biophysics, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi

Accessing the Calcium binding affinity of Calcium binding proteins with state-of-the art computational techniques: Towards developing a model for Calcium binding.

Angad Sharma

M.Sc, Physics, Delhi University, New Delhi

Computational study of macromolecules.

Ajeet Kumar Yadav

M.Sc, Computational & Systems Biology, JNU, New Delhi

Modelling Hydrophobic Hydration.

Archana B. Poswal

Integrated M.Tech Biotechnology, School of Biotechnology, Gautam Buddha University, Uttar Pradesh

Drug Development against N-Terminus of LF/EF of Bacillus Anthracis using dry and wet lab approaches.

Kankana Bhattacharjee

Visiting Student (Ashoka University, Sonipat, Haryana)
Registered Supervisor: Dr. Aryya Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry,Ashoka University

Completed BS-MS in Chemistry, NIT Agartala

Understanding the molecular mechanism of EGFR-ligand binding mechanism using the principles of “Free Energy Simulation”.