Prof. R.K. Brojen Singh
Prof. R.K. Brojen Singh
School of Computational & Integrative Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110067, INDIA

Complex Dynamics

Complex system is new field of science, which deals with interaction of large scale well defined diverse multi-functional components exhibiting emergent behaviors, that manifests self-organized patterns where individual activities are non-linear, engaged in collective decision making and can adapt to the fit change in the system. These systems could able to generate hierarchical spontaneous patterns of order out of random interaction of components which lacks central control mechanisms, sensitive to the local, global and environment perturbations, far from equilibrium (always in active state), and are generally self-organized. The dynamics of complex systems are generally evolve with various theoretical and computational tools which can quantify emergent properties of the systems.

Research areas:

Stochastic dynamics and modeling (Analytical and Computational)
Nonlinear dynamics
Network theory and application
Systems biology
Fractals and Multi-fractals: theory and application
Mathematical Biology: Population Genetics

Research Interests

Systems Biology and applications

The study of the emergent behaviors arising from the interaction of individual components in biological systems (cellular dynamics, pathways functions, protein functions, enzymatic and metabolic pathways), their modeling, prediction of cellular states driven by various internal and external stimuli etc are the main focus. Main works are development of computational tools and mathematical modeling of these systems using deterministic and stochastic approaches in the following problems: systems medicine, genetic oscillator, switch and regulation, biological rhythms, cancer dynamics, brain disorder and dynamics, synchronization of the dynamical systems, molecular basis communication, signal processing, DNA sequence analysis (Fourier transform, spectral analysis), stochastic resonance in cellular processes, and study of dynamic instability in microtubules using Monte Carlo techniques.

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