Plant Stress Gene Database

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Stress conditions, both biotic and abiotic cause extensive losses to agricultural production worldwide. Individually, stress conditions such as drought, salinity or heat have been the subject of intense research. However,in the field, crops and other plants are routinely subjected to a combination of different abiotic stresses. Owing to their sessile nature, plants are constantly exposed to a multitude of environmental stresses to which they react with a battery of responses. The result is plant tolerance to conditions such as excessive or inadequate light, water, salt and temperature, and resistance to pathogens. Not only is plant physiology known to change under abiotic or biotic stress, but changes in the genome have also been identified.This database include 259 stress-related genes of 11 species alongwith all the available information about the individual genes. Stress related ESTs were also found for Phaseolus vulgaris. Database also includes ortholog and paralog of proteins which are coded by stress related genes.

Species present in database

Arabidopsis thalliana Arachis hypogaea Glycine max
Hordeum vulgare Oryza sativa Pennisetum glaucum
Phaseolus vulgaris Saccharum officinarum Solanum lycopersicum
Triticum aestivum Zea mays