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Prediction of DNA-binding in proteins using Neural Networks

This tool is provided only for historical reasons.
It has been superseded by the following:

This program predicts the DNA-binding in a protein from their sequence information. Two neighbours of each residue are taken as the input information and using information from known binding sites of proteins, probable binding sites are predicted. Amino acid composition is taken as the input information for the prediction of DNA-binding probability of a protein.

Reference: Analysis and Prediction of DNA-binding proteins and their
binding residues based on composition, sequence and structure information.

by Shandar Ahmad, M. Michael Gromiha and Akinori Sarai Bioinformatics 20 (2004) 477-486
To predict probable binding sites for a protein sequence, choose a level of sensitivity. This allows for making predictions with low and high probabilities. Choosing strict will give few sites with high probability. Choosing sensitive will give too many over-predictions and choosing medium will give default predictions, which also has a bias towards some over-predictions. Composition based prediction of DNA-binding probability of your protein sequence will also be provided. More Information

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