Oryza coarctata (Porteresia coarctata Tateoka) is a wild halophyte, which shows considerable adaptation to high salinity (20-40 dS m-1) and submergence stresses. It is a close wild relative of rice and can serve as an important source of genes related to salinity and submergence tolerance. This webpage provides draft sequence and annotation of Oryza coarctata genome. The current scaffold-level draft genome assembly was generated using short-read Illumina data along with transcriptome and BAC-end data sets.
In addition, expression levels of the protein coding genes annotated in the genome under salinity and/or submergence stresses are provided as expression matrix. Further, annotation and expression levels of predicted long non-coding RNAs are given. A list of miRNAs identified based on small RNA sequencing data along with their targets is also provided here. Moreover, we provide a signle base resolution methylation map of O. coarctata via positions of the methylated cytosines in CG, CHG and CHH sequence contexts. The data can serve as a resource for functional genomics studies and engineering salinity and submergence tolerance in rice.

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Reseachers who find this information useful in their research, please cite our recent publication:
Bansal J, Gupta K, Rajkumar MS, Garg R, Jain M. (2021) Draft genome and transcriptome analyses of halophyte rice Oryza coarctata provide resources for salinity and submergence stress response factors. Physiologia Plantarum, 173, 1309-1322. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/ppl.13284
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India