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    The conference aims to bring together researchers from both US and India to discuss challenges and the advances in the development of mathematical models and multiscale simulation techniques that have the potential to unravel the structure-function relations of cellular machinery. The major focus will be on the different methods for modelling the dynamics of biomolecular systems, ranging from force-field based all-atom representation of individual biomolecules to coarse-grained models for multi-component systems. In particular, the link between these "complementary" modelling approaches, which cover the distinct length and time scales, is of central interest. In addition, the possibility to bridge between simulation techniques and experimental approaches to integrate their advantages to new multiscale techniques, which allow the simultaneous investigation of system properties at different scales, is the principal issue and concern of the program.

     Calling for Poster Abstracts  

    Participants are requested to submit abstracts for poster presentation. A few of the posters will be selected for oral presentation and one such talks will be selected for a Young Scientist Award. Both young scientist & poster awards will be sponsored by 'PRTF : Pathfinder Research and Training Foundation'.
    Abstract Submission Guidelines

    Abstract Template (msmm)

      The aim of the workshop is to provide a framework for lively and intensive exchange between scientists/scholars who combine theoretical and computational approaches for studying biomolecular systems at different levels of details concerning the relevant length and time scales. Participation for this event is strictly selection based.

    The focal point for the follow up seminar will be on the applications of multiscale models and simulation to gain insights into diseases with specific reference to cancer, genetic disorders and infectious diseases and explore the challenges and roadblocks for moving beyond.

     Eligibility criteria for workshop 

    • 2 years of proven research experience recommended by "Supervisor / HOD" in  Biophysics, Physical Chemistry of Biological System, Structure Biology, Mathematical Biology etc.
    •Proficiency in computer coding, Mathematics & Simulation.
    •Preferably one candidate per Lab / Department / Centre.
    •Bringing Laptop is compulsory.

      Registration fees      Registration fees 



     INR 3000.00# per person including Accommodation. 

    (Accommodation will be provided for 2 nights only)


    INR 3,500.00 without accommodation

    INR 5,000.00 with shared accommodation* (3 Nights)


     #Fee will be paid after registration &  selection (Selected candidates will be notified via email).

    There are limited seats (20) for the workshop.

    National Post-docs

    INR 5,000.00 without accommodation

    INR 6,500.00 with shared accommodation* (3 Nights)

    Academicians / Faculty

    INR 7,000.00 without accommodation

    INR 8,500.00 with accommodation* (3 Nights)

    Industry / Others  INR 10,000.00 without accommodation      
    International Participants
    US $250.00 without accommodation      
    On Spot Registration (Without Accommodation)

    Few On Spot Registration will be accepted.

    Fee remains same for Students/Post-docs/Faculty as mentioned above.

    Registration Fee will be accepted only through Demand Draft (DD)  drawn in favour of  "The Finance Officer, JNU" and payable at New Delhi.


     * Additional nights @ Rs.600.00 for students & Rs.800.00 for faculty




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