Sr. No. Room number or Name of Classrooms and Seminar halls with ICT-enabled facilities Type of ICT facility Link to Geo tagged Photos
1. Committee Room (Room No. 1) LCD, Windows 10 Desktop PC, Logitech Group Expansion Microphones for Video & Audio Conferencing
2. Classroom (Room No. 29) EPSON projector, Ubuntu 20.04 Desktops
3. Classroom (Room No. 30) EPSON Projector, Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop
4. Lab (Room No. 31-A ) Ubuntu 20.04 Desktops and GPUs
5. Library Classroom EPSON Projector, Windows 10 Desktop PC

6. Ph.D. Lab (Room No. 36-A) LCD, Ubuntu 20.04 Desktops

7. M.Sc. Lab (Room No. 36-B) LCD, Ubuntu 20.04 Desktops