Conference Oral/Poster Presentations


  • Lovekesh Vig and Ashish Gupta, In the Proceedings of the fifth Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Tumkur, India, 2011

  • Lovekesh Vig and Julie A. Adams, “The Effect of Coalition Imbalance on Multi-Robot Teams” In the Proceedings of the third Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Tumkur, India, 2011

  • Lovekesh Vig , Ashish Gupta and Abhinandan Basu, “On the Relation between Hunger, Dopamine and Action Rate”, In the Proceedings of the fourth Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Tumkur, India, 2011

  • Manoj Aggarwal, Lovekesh Vig and Naveen Kumar,  â€œA Multiple Objective approach to robot coalition Formation”, International Conference of Intelligent Robotic Application, Aachen, 2011.

  • Ashish Gupta and Lovekesh Vig, “A Dual Association Model for Acquisition and Extinction” In Proceedings of the tenth Conference of the Italian Association of Artificial Intelligence: 39-150, 2011

  • Mallick, B. N., Singh, A., Khanday, M. A. and Kumar, R. Neural mechanism of REM sleep regulation. Proceedings of Ranbaxy Science Foundation, XXVIth Round Table Conference on Sleep Disorder A Wake Up Call. 2011 (in press)

  • Kumar R, Ramaswamy R and Mallick BN. Analysis of rat EEG during vigilance states using Empirical Mode Decomposition. Front. Comput. Neurosci. Conference Abstract: Cape Town School on Advanced Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience.

Following posters from the school were presented in 7th Asian Biophysics Association (ABA) Symposium & International Conference on Biophysics at New Delhi 30th January – 2nd February, 2011.

  • P69 Om Prakash,Puri Nidhi,Prasad Rajendra, Ghosh Indira, Identification of substrates and non-substrates of efflux pump from Candida albicans using 3D shape based virtual screening.

  • P70 Kumar Amit, Ghosh Indira, Selectivity and specificity profiling of binding sites of human and plasmodial Ser/Thr kinases.

  • P71 Gorai Biswajit, Kalyanarama Madhuvanthi, Sen Parthosarathi,Singh Prakash, Jay Mittal Megha, Subbarao Naidu,Ghosh Indira 3D-pharmacophore and drug target/chemical database approach towards developing novel antimalarials.

  • P72 Subbarao Naidu, Yennamalli Ragothaman M, Young Paul R,Kobe Bostjan Identification of dengue envelope protein nhibitors using structure based drug design

  • P104 Patel Jignesh, Chcko Sajeev,Ghosh Indira, Lipid dynamics and its interaction with F1Fo ATPSynthase

  • P188 Ghosh Indira,Chacko Sajeev,Patel Jignesh, Protein membrane interactions through molecular dnamics: F1F0 ATP- A case study

  • P210 Chacko Sajeev, Ghosh Indira, Quantum chemical studies of proton transfer in F1F0 ATP

  • Isha Nagpal N. Subbarao, S.Gourinath, In-silico screening of inhibitors against OASS and SAT of Entamoeba histolytica Cysteine biosynthetic pathway,

  • Mr. Vikram Singh attended the "International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 2011" (BICB 2011) held in Singapore during 28th February-1st March 2011 and gave an oral presentation of the paper "Spectral Analysis of Long Non-Coding RNAs". His paper has been selected for the “Best Research Student Paper Award” in this conference.

  • Mr. Om Prakash has presented a poster in the 18th EuroQSAR Symposium at Rhodes, Greece from 19-24 September, 2010 and Participated for the OpenTox annual meeting to discuss developments on the creation of an Open Source-based predictive toxicology framework at Rhodes, Greece from 16-17 September, 2010 He was financially supported by CSIR and JNU.

  • Mr. Amit Kumar has attended the conference on “Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network’s 10th InCoB – 1st ISCB Asia Joint Conference 2011” held on 30th November, 2011 to 2nd December, 2011 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Rama Kalia has oral presentation on "Disease-Target Relationship based Ontology"in International Conference Translational Bioinformatics Conference 2011 held in Seoul, South Korea in Nov 2011.


  1. Candida Vaz gave a talk on "Computation methods for discovery of novel miRNAs" in Workshop on "Noncoding RNA" on 7th November 2009 at SLS Auditorium JNU.
  2. Ramachandran Vijayan, Shirin Awasthi, Ragothaman M Yennamalli , Naidu Subbarao, B.N.Mallick " Identification of Binding Site and Specificity of Amino Acid Residues there for Interaction with Noradrenaline and Its Known Agonists and Antagonists: An In Silico Study of the Beta2 Adrenoreceptor". Poster Presentation in   T.N.Srinivasan Neurolinks 2009, ' The Ageing Brain and Mind' 15th and 16th Feb, 2009, Hotel Taj Mahal, New Delhi.
  3. V. Singh, Arvind S. Mer, R. Pandey, A. Nandi & R. Ramaswamy, “Synchronization of coupled repressilators via quorum sensing”, in symposium "Integrating physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology to understand living systems (IPCMB 2008)” at Bose Institute, Kolkata, India.
  4. N Gupte and R Ramaswamy, “Preface to the Proceedings of the Conference PNLD 2007”, Pramana Journal of Physics 2008; 70: 955-57
  5. E J Ngamga, A Nandi, R Ramaswamy, M C Romano and J Kurths, “Recurrences of Strange Attractors”, Pramana Journal of Physics 2008; 70: 1039–46
  6. A Nandi and R Ramaswamy, “Synchronization of Coupled Stochastic Oscillators: The effect of topology”, Pramana Journal of Physics 2008; 70: 1065–74
  7. Bhargavi Gopalakrishnan, Ragothaman M Yennamalli and Naidu Subbarao, “BCR-ABL kinase mutations: Computational studies and explanation of Imatinib resistance in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia”,  Best poster presentation award in International symposium on Novel Stratagies for targeted prevention and treatment of Cancer 19-20th December 2008, School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi