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Indo US Conference and Workshop on Synthetic and Systems Biology 

at JNU, New Delhi


Biological systems are noisy and unpredictable. To create well-behaved and predictable systems, one needs standards and rules of composition. Unfortunately, the IEEE equivalent standards in biology do not exist. Enter the world of synthetic biology !


Synthetic Biology is a forward engineering approach to make novel and well-behaved parts, devices and circuits. The ground-up construction of biological system calls for adequate part characterisation, assembly of parts into modules and modules into networks. Recent scientific developments have made it possible to install artificial genetic circuits as applets in-vivo, construct switches, cascades, stable oscillators, make genes from junk DNA, synthesize therapeutic molecules and biochemicals from microbes, use microbial factory for large scale manufacture and refinery, chemically synthesize non-natural DNA and so on.


In future, one would see faster and cheaper methods to create organisms, rapid synthesis of chemicals, biochemicals, biofuel, drug molecules and so on from well characterized parts and modules for applications in environment, energy and health. Currently, we do not understand the rules of composing organisms. Will the situation in future, what are the emerging practical applications, what are the legal, ethical, safety issues of this new kind of science?


Systems Biology is the biology of systems, as against biology of parts. To understand systems as a function of group interaction of biomolecules, one needs to use good data and good data modeling and analytical techniques to generate hypothesis leading more experiments and discoveries. In future, one is likely to see computational pathway modeling leading to development of virtual cells. This will have enormous impact on fundmental science and generate practical applications.


To explore all this and much more, welcome to this Indo US event on Synthetic and Systems Biology.





Synthetic Biology and Engineering Research Centre (SYNBERC) was started in 2006 with USD 16 m initiative of National Science Foundation comprising of UC Berkeley.




Programme Schedule includes Abstracts/Lecture Video(s) of the event.

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