School of Computational and Integrative Sciences

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Organized jointly with IIT ( Chennai, Bombay and Delhi)
Biomolecules in Motion: Theory and Simulations

January 4-6 2013
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About the Symposium:

Biomolecules are complex and flexible in structure and functions, its functional motions are of biological importance. These are difficult to identify and characterize at a quantitative level due to multiple length and time scales spanned by these motions which provides tremendous challenges to experimental measurements and their interpretation. However, last 4 decades theoretical approaches and method developments has made it possible to access this field of research computationally and understanding the mechanism of action of the macromolecular functions in biology to design & contribute to medical research.
In this regard, we jointly with IIT ,New Delhi, Bombay & Madras are organizing a Symposium at School of Computational & Integrative Sciences, JNU, New Delhi, titled as “Biomolecules in Motion: Theory and Simulations " from 4-6th January 2013. The main objective will be for exchanging views of experts regarding current scenario of Molecular Simulations and application to large systems in Biology.

Objective of the Symposium:

* Advances in the field of Biomolecules in Motion
* Understanding in cellular behaviour of complex macromolecules and its function through Molecular simulation methods. Topics Covered:
* Protein – protein and protein – ligand interactions.
* Nucleic acid simulations.
* Membrane simulations.
* Free energy calculations.
* Reaction rates and transition pathways, etc.

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